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COVID-19 and emergence of information mobility society

1. History of global epidemics and social changes
– Since the emergence of mankind, several epidemics have threatened the survival of mankind

2. COVID-19 and dilemma of mobility
– Still restricted movement of people
– Increase in logistics and information movement with increased economic activities utilising ICT

3. Information Mobility Society, a new change
– From the spatial movement of matter to the society with movement of information from a time and space perspective
– Increased information mobility due to COVID-19

Mobility Cinema Paradiso- Focusing on Netflix

  • Concept of mobility: Definition of mobility, mobility society and paradigm, characteristics of mobility, mobility user behaviour, mobility cases seen in films.
  • Overview of Netflix: Birth, concept, characteristics of Netflix, cine-match, algorithm.
  • Netflix and recognition of social problems: Resolution of youth problems, improve life and environmental problems using documentary and entertainment content.

Humanities in the era of AI together with mobility

1. Importance of humanities in a mobility society
– Critical and creative thinking required for a mobility era, 4th industrial revolution era and AI era

2. Realisation of AI in a mobility society
– Autonomous driving vehicle, home management system based on cloud
– Flying vehicle, remote medical care system
– Big data analysis, love robot

3. Convergence of people with AI in a mobility society
– The end of the era exclusively managed by human beings
– The goal of human beings is to achieve convenient and high-quality life with the help of AI

How has information communications technology (ICT) changed citizens? Emergence of smart citizens in the information mobility society

1. ICT and mobility society
– The advancement of ICT and transportation created a new type of society that is different from the paradigm in the industrial society in the past.
– A society in which information, people, goods and services can move in real time

2. Digital transformation
– Acceleration of digitalisation across the society moving beyond the digitization which is turning the analogue into digital format

3. Need to consider how to live in an information mobility society characterised by rapidly changing mobility
– A phenomenon where people’s cognitive ability is decreased due to rapid social changes
– Need to wisely consider morals and legal norms to live in the information mobility society with strong mobility

‘Kim Bo-ram, Respecting the Same but Pursuing the Differences’

1. The more you know, the more you understand.
– Nothing (舞)→ Life (生)→Movement (動)→Flow (流)→Power(力) and Mobility
2. Similar things are fake.
– Dance education in Korea
– Kim Bo-ram style dance and art
3. Pursuing differences
– ‘Feel the rhythm of Korea1’ video
– Keywords for enjoying the video
– Futuristic ways of movement
4. Moving toward the right dream in the right direction as a main character for future evolution