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Mobility Humanities Colloquium – 8

2019/05/22 – The Mobile Architecture – An Entropy of Gravity

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerKim, Jintaek (Postech)

Time : 2019/05/22 Wed. 17:00

Place : #1106, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University

Kim, Jin-taek is a professor of IT Convergence Engineering at POSTECH, and also serves as the Head of Value Design Research Center at POSTECH Future IT Convergence Research Institute. He majored in media aesthetics based on body and image at the University of Paris 1 and is interested in humanities that reflect human beings who are technologically co-evolving, such as transhuman, media art, and digital humanities. His published many works including “Phenomenological Experience of the Eye, Narcissism of Spring” and “Understanding and Extension of Cultural Contents through Actor Network Theory (ANT),” and books including 가치를 디자인하라 Design Value, 로보스케이프 Roboscape, (co-author) and 사물의 미래 The Future of Things (co-author).

In this lecture, Professor Kim discusses Heidegger's space theory, Deleuze's de-territorialization, re-territorialization, and different understandings of space and territory through examples of mobile architecture. Technology and humanity are not apart, and he emphasizes that we must constantly ask and think about what value humans and technology should aim in a high-technology society. Techne, the etymology of technology, means combining things together to create something. It is argued that intellectual movements are needed in modern society to combine heterogeneous things like humanities and technology to create something creative and convergent.​