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Revealing the Secret of Hallyu’s Success with Dance: Focusing on BTS

Lecture Information

  • Date2022-05-11
  • LocationSeoul Science Center


Yoonji Kim

PhD in the Department of Dance at Hanyang University / Former lecturer and affiliated professor of Hanyang University / Former researcher of the National Folk Museum of Korea / Current researcher of the Research Institute of Korean Studies Korea University / Current expert member of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee

About the Lecture

  1. Explain terms for dance: dance, live, motion, power.
  2. Investigation of the K-culture phenomena in the Hallyu and its meaning.
  3. Suggestion for a better movement of life with successful dance cases.
  4. Watch and share the works of BTS, the number one Hallyu contents.
  5. Share thoughts together and organize ways to move the Hallyu forward.