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COVID-19 and Emergence of Information Mobility Society

Lecture Information

  • Date2021-12-22
  • LocationDongguk Girls' High School


Song, Kyungjae

Ph. D. in Political Science, Kyung Hee University. Former advisory board member in Eduin, Ministry of Education/ Korea Communications Standards Commission/ Ministry of Culture, Media Policy Forum, K-MOOC management/ Former Research Fellow in Local Press Commission / Advisory Board Member of Promotion Policy in National Election Commission / Research Professor at Kyung Hee Institute for Human Society

1. History of Global Epidemics and Social Changes
– Since the emergence of mankind, several epidemics have threatened the survival of mankind

2. COVID-19 and Dilemma of Mobility
– Still restricted movement of people
– Increase in logistics and information movement with increased economic activities utilising ICT

3. Information Mobility Society, A New Change
– From the spatial movement of matter to the society with movement of information from a time and space perspective
– Increased information mobility due to COVID-19