Bomi Lim

Personal Profile

  • Maniging Editor, International Journal of Diaspora & Cultural Criticism (2022.5.1~)
  • Adjunct Professor, Hongik University (2020.09.01.~2021.08.31)
  • Researcher, Sungshin Womens’s University the Law Research Institute (2014.09.01.~2015.08.31.)

Research Outputs

  • “Problems of Mobility Rights for Persons with Disabilities on the Basis of the Definition of (Persons with) Disabilities under the Current Law,” International Journal of Diaspora & Cultural Criticism, 12(2), 2022.
  • “Defect and remedy in the detention in court,” Law Review(Institute of Law studies Pusan National University 61(2), 2020.
  • “Criminal Lay Judge Trial and Appellate System in Japan ,” Korean Journal of Criminology 31(1), 2019.
  • “Transition of appeal system in Criminal Procedure Code and implications,” Law Review(Institute of Law studies Pusan National University) 59(1), 2018.​
  • “The Comparative Law Study Concerning Appellate Review of Civil Participatory Criminal Trial,” Korean Journal of Comparative Criminal Law 19(3), 2017.
  • “The Concept and Role of Victims’ supporter in Sexual Violence,” Sungshin Law Journal 15, 2015.
  • “Review on Eligible Cases and Requisites for Commencement of Civil Participation in Criminal Trial – Focused on comparative analysis of Revised Bills by a Committee Citizens` Participation with by the Department of Justice,” Hanyang Law Review 32(3), 2015.
  • “A Critical Review on the So-called “Continuing Jeopardy” -Focused on Analysis of U.S. Cases-,” Korean Journal of Comparative Criminal Law 16(1), 2014.
  • “Civil Participatory Trial System and Appeal,” Korean Journal of Criminology 24(3), 2012.

  • Mobility, Ethos, Common Culture, Seoul: LP, 2023.