Inseop Shin Mobility Literature Criticism, Modern Japan Literature, Diaspora Literature


Seok Kim Modern French Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Cultural Philosophy Konkuk University
Jingi Kim Korean Literature, Korean Modern Novel Konkuk University
Byungju Shin Korean History, Medieval Korean History Konkuk University
Seokmin Yoon Chinese Philosophy, Taoism, I-Ching Philosophy Sungkyunkwan University
Byungmin Lee Economic Geography, Culture Contents Industry Konkuk University
Seungho Lee Climatology, Climate Mobility Konkuk University
Yonggyun Lee Economic Geography, Service Economy Chonnam National University
Hyunyoung Lee Japanese Literature, Comparative Culture, Literary Criticism Konkuk University
Kiwon Lim Human Science, Exercise Biochemistry & Nutrition Konkuk University
Maria Luisa T. Reyes English Literature / Comparative Literature / Literary Criticism University of Santo Tomas
Peter Adey Social, Cultural and Historical Geography Royal Holloway, University of London
Mimi Sheller Sociology / Mobilities Research Worcester Polytechnic Institu
Zhenzhao Nie Literature Theory/ Cutural Ethics Criticism/ Comparative Literature Zhejiang University

HK Professors

Jooyoung Kim Mobility and Gender, Diaspora Literature, Multicultural Literature
Jinhyoung Lee Mobility and Decoloniality, Korean Literature, Literary Theory
Taehee Kim Mobility Phenomenology, Contemporary European Philosophy, Cognitive Science

HK Research Professors

Myungsim Yang Mobility Literature, Literature of Korean Diaspora in Japan
Yeonhee Woo Mobility Representation in Literature, Modern Japanese Literature
Jinsuk Bae Migration, Diaspora, Multiculturalism
Bomi Lim Mobility Norms, Human Rights, Criminal Law
Jaeeun lee Contemporary Art and Mobility/ Posthuman Art/ Culture Criticism

KU Research Professors

Eunhye Choung Human Geography, Culture/Landscape
Seungjin Lee Comparative Literature, Zainichi Literature
Gijae Seo Literary Criticism, Modern Japanese Literature

HK Researchers

Hyunji Lee PhD Candidate
Fujita Emi PhD Candidate
Mingi Park PhD Student
Juwon Lee PhD Student


Hyunkyung Kim Management Assistant Officer
Sujin Hyun Management Assistant Officer
Jinhee Park Designer
Dayeon Hyeong Teaching Assistant
Yejin Park Teaching Assistant
Bonsu Kim Student Assistant