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Special Guest Lecture

2019/08/26 – Ghost Ships as Spectral Geography: North Korean Necro-mobilities

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerRobert Winstanley-Chesters (University of Leeds)

Time : 2019/08/26 Wed. 15:00

Place : #1106, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University


The KU Academy of Mobility Humanities (MHA) hosted a special guest, Dr. Robert Winstanley-Chesters. Dr. Robert Winstanley-Chesters is Research Fellow of Australian National University’s College of Asia and the Pacific, School of Culture, History and Language as part of Professor Tessa Morris-Suzuki’s Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship project ‘Informal Life Politics in North East Asia.’ Robert gained his PhD in April 2013 from the University of Leeds, from which he also obtained his MA. 


He gave a presentation entitled “Ghost Ships as Spectral Geography: North Korean Necro-mobilities”. He invited us to consider the mobilities and immobilities of North Korean ships and their crews, including recent work on necro-mobilities. His presentation sought the spaces created for them on the foreign shores they meet, and the conceptual spaces their bodies create in the regional politics of East Asia. By doing so, he placed them within the wider frame of active and lively materials from North Korea and the problems generated by their mobilities and immobilities.