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Monthly Seminar – 2

2018/12/18 – The problem of Pan-mobilitism and Peter Adey’s approach

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerPark, Sungsoo (HK Researcher, AMH)

Time : 2018/12/18 Tues. 17:00

Place : #1106, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University

Presenter:  Park, Sungsoo (Researcher, Academy of Mobility Humanities)

Discussants: Woo, Yeonhee (Research Professor, Academy of Mobility Humanities)

               Yun, Shinhee (Research Professor, Academy of Mobility Humanities)

Park, Sung-soo (Researcher, AMH) intends to develop an accurate analysis of Peter Adey's 2006 paper and the approach Adey has. According to Park, Adey claimed mobility presented the challenge and how he can answer these challenges. Park suggests that Adey in this paper is somewhat unclear as to what challenge and further points out that Adey's intuition as a solution to it does not have any formal framework. In the sense that intuition is more difficult to formalize than suggested, Park does the following two things. First, he makes clear what the structure of the implicit argument is in Adey’s and why it can be regarded as a challenge to what he calls pan- mobilitism. Second, he presents one possibility that the approach in Adey’s paper can be formulated theoretically by borrowing insights from John Agnew’s notion of place.​