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Monthly Seminar – 1

2018/11/27 Parody strategy of Mujeok Pink's webtoons

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerKim, Eunjin (Researcher, AMH)

Time : 2018/11/27 Tues. 17:00

Place : #1106, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University

Eunjin Kim talks about how webtoons in South Korea have evolved greatly as mobile media technologies like smartphone became popular. Kim suggests that not only webtoons but also other content such as news, books, music, game, broadcasting, etc became so popular and dominant in recent consumption of media content through mobile media. She demonstrates how closely media technologies are related to media content. Focusing on one of the famous webtoon writers, Mujeok Pink's works, she analyzes how the content of webtoons are closely related to media technologies and the content becomes influenced by the change of media technologies.