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Mobility Humanities Colloquium #4

2018/11/28 – Metropolitan Governmentality

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerYim, Dongguen

Time : 2018/11/28 Wed. 17:00
Place : #1106, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University

Dongguen Yim talks about the ‘metropolitan governmentality’ in Europe and Korea explaining how mobility became so critical in the making of the metropolis. Using M. Foucault’s theories on governmentality, population, and security as well as H. Le Bras’ theories on population, Yim explains how the notion of population has evolved since the 18th century and, in this process, how power works in many geographical and spatial thinking. He also talks about gentrification and urban regeneration project as well as urban community campaigns, which are currently taking place in South Korea.