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Mobility Humanities Colloquium #2

2018/09/19 – Technical Mentality and De-automation: Philosophy of Technology in Gilbert Simondong and Bernard Stiegler

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerKim, JaeHee (Eulji University)

Time : 2018/9/19 Wed. 17:00

Place : #1106, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University

Professor Kim is a Ph.D. in philosophy majoring in Western Philosophy at Seoul National University and a professor in Eulji University. She published books including Philosophy of Technology: Philosophy of Postmodernism: A Blueprint for Posthuman Society (『시몽동의 기술철학: 포스트휴먼 사회를 위한 청사진』), (ACANET 2017), Bergson’s Potential Unconscious Miind (『베르그손의 잠재적 무의식』) (Greenbi 2010), a Korean translation of Gilbert Simondon’s book, On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects (『기술적 대상의 존재 양식에 대하여 』(Greenbi, 2011), etc. She also published a journal articles including “Philosophical inquiry into the concept of invention” (Philosophical Research 112, Mar., 2016), “Technology and Politics in Gilbert Simondong” (Philosophical Studies, Vol. 108, Mar., 2015).

In this lecture, Professor Kim introduced the philosophy of Gilbert Simondong and Bernard Stiegler and presented a review of mobility technology. In particular, she explained the technical mentality of the automation age that emerged from the philosophy of technology by Simongdong and Stiegler, and emphasized the importance of considering technology in solving the problems of alienation.