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Mobility Humanities Colloquium #1

2018/08/21 – Shift in Transnational Flow and Mobility in Popular Culture: The New Korean Wave in the Era of Social Media and Digital Platform

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerJin, Dalyong (Simon Fraser University)

Time : 2018/8/21 Tues. 14:00
Place : #406, Biological Science Bd. Konkuk University

Dal Yong Jin talks about the recent growth of the Korean Wave since the late 1990s. He demonstrates how the Korean Wave has become a new local force for the production of transnational popular culture with the help of social media. Based on his numerous researches on the political economy of Korean Wave, cultural industries, K-pop fandom in North America, he demonstrates how the Korean Wave, once started as a local cultural force in Asia, becomes an important part of transnational cultural flows.