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Mobility Humanities Colloquim #10

2019/08/21 Performance, Aesthetic Experience and Contemporary Art in the Age of Post-online

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerSumi Kang (Dongduk Women's University)

Time : 2019/08/21 Wed. 17:00
Place : #1106, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University

The KU Academy of Mobility Humanities (MHA) held its 11th Mobility Humanities Colloquium with Dr. Sumi Kang. Dr. Kang is an associate professor at Dongduk Women’s University and an active art critic in aesthetic criticism, contemporary art criticism, and various art exhibitions. 

In this lecture, Professor Sumi Kang described the changes of contemporary art that has occurred since the late 2000s, which is hardly referred to as art after the 1990s. She pointed out that the paradigm in the field of culture and art has been shifted to the performance of performance / performance art under the conditions of the online environment, that is, the post-online technology environment since the late 2000s. In addition, she explained the aspects of contemporary contemporary art that aesthetic performance, social media action, and self-sponsored, circulated and completed on social media platforms in post-online conditions. Through this colloquium, she gave us meaningful time to identify the aspects of art that represented the signs of the times and to explore the possibility of researching mobility humanities in art and aesthetics.