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Mobility Humanities Colloquium #19

What Does the ‘Techno-Cultural Studies’ Contain in the Bowl?

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerKwang-Suk Lee (SeoulTech)

Mobility Humanities Colloquium #19 

2020/11/18 – What Does the ‘Techno-Cultural Studies’ Contain in the Bowl?

Kwang-Suk Lee (SeoulTech)

Date: 2020/11/18 (Wednesday) 15:00

Place: Konkuk University New Millennium Hall #1106

This colloquium addressed various issues concerning the philosophy and the practices of technology with a focus on technocultural studies. Professor Kwang-Suk Lee pointed out that technology is functioning as an important intermediary between the natural environment and human society. Furthermore, he explained that today, “technocultural studies are needed to interpret technological and cultural phenomena ontologically as it has conditioned almost every aspect of human life.” Professor Lee analyzed that technocultural studies has been conducted in diverse fields of media studies, futurology, and cultural politics; and, moreover, technocultural studies has expanded its research areas into studies on the commons, anthropocene, and technological biopolitics. 

Dr. Kwang-Suk Lee is Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology at Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea. His research areas include digital culture theory, technology/information culture studies, and technological philosophy. He is working as an editorial board member of a cultural studies journal 《Culture/Science》 and writes a column series on “After the Advent of Digital Technology”. Professor Lee is the author of several books, 《Shared Culture》, 《Data Aesthetics in Society》, 《Rethinking the Datafied Society》, 《New Art Activism》, and 《Digital Barbarism》; he also wrote journal articles 〈‘Sharing City Seoul’ and a Turn toward Urban Commons〉 and 〈The Local Settlement and Fluctuation of the ‘Digital Humanities’〉.​