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Mobility Humanities Colloquim #12

2019/12/18 – Identity Politics and Literature in the Age of Multiculturalism: Political Correctness vs. Artistic Freedom

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerKyeong-Kyu Im

Prof. Kyeong-Kyu Im got a Ph.D. from the Department of Englis, the University of Utah. His research focuses on Asian American Literature and Diaspora studies. He is a professor at the Department of English Lieterature, Chosun University. He is currently working on minority discourse, cultural theory, and Asian American Literature. His books include 《The way to home》, 《Diaspora Topography》(co-authored), 《Cultural Industry, Imgage, and Art》(co-authored>, and 《Michel Foucault》(translatated). He also published many articles including 《(Im)possibility of Home: Spilt Desires in A Gesture Life》.

In this talk, Professor Kyeong-Kyu Im pointed out that both the left and right sides have criticized “political righteousness” and deepened the concerns about identity politics. In particular, he questioned whether political righteousness should be criticized for the claim that political righteousness undermines the autonomy and imagination of art and literature. Rather, the minority argued that they should treat “political correctness” as the only means of containing their voice. He emphasized that political correctness is a matter of political practice, an effort to change society. He added a new hybrid literature created by the breakdown of literature and politics, and the boundaries of literature and society, which represents multiculturalism. This colloquium was a time to examine the identity and political politics of multiculturalism formed by movement and migration and to identify the importance of new forms of literature and art.​