Unfolding of Thoughts on Mobility

Publication Info.

  • AuthorTaehee Kim (edited)
  • PublisherLP Publication (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Released2019. 02. 28.
This book is a part of the ASSEMBLAGE BOOK SERIES, one of the book series by the Academy of Mobility Humanities. This book, 모빌리티 사유의 전개 (translated as ‘Unfolding of Thoughts on Mobility’) is a collection of researches that address important theoretical issues related to mobilities studies and rethink about ontology, epistemology, ethics, social philosophy, philosophy of technology from both Eastern and Western philosophical traditions. While contributors in this collection critically reflect upon some philosophical thoughts of Simondon, Stiegler, Deleuze, Foucault, Virilio, Kittler, Whitehead, and Choi Hanki, they deal with mobility-related issues: mobility space, nomadism, smart city, SNS, automatism, and bodily movement whether or not intentionally. The publication of this collection will bring more meaningful discussions on mobility-related theories and thoughts within the humanities field in Korea while stimulating conversations between the humanities and mobilities studies.
We look forwards to hearing discussions, comments or reviews on the new book and also the topics related to Mobility and the Humanities from all of you.