Traces of a Mobile Field: Ten Years of Mobilities Research

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  • AuthorJames R Faulconbridge ・ Allison Hui
  • PublisherLP Publication (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Released2019. 2. 24.

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This book is a Korean translation of the book titled Traces of a Mobile Field: Ten Years of Mobilities Research, edited by James R Faulconbridge & Allison Hui (2017, Routledge). 1st Edition.

This book is published as a part of the INTERCONNECT BOOK SERIES, one of the book series by the Academy of Mobility Humanities. AMH selects and translates some of the seminal books in non-Korean languages in order to introduce to interested audiences and researchers in Korea the significant trends and developments in mobility studies along with the mobility humanities.
모바일 장의 발자취 is a collection of critical researches that not only reflects on a decade of research developments within mobilities studies but also propose new and interdisciplinary research agendas in the future. The range of research topics are truly diverse, interdisciplinary, and innovative: from tourism, elite mobility, emergency mobility, aerial mobility, urban infrastructure, mobile media and communication technologies to space mobility. The collection raises important questions about the understandings of mobilities as the field of mobilities research has evolved for the past 10 years.
Translator of the book, 모바일 장의 발자취 is Dr. Hongkyu Ha, a sociologist in Yousei University. With the translation of this important collection, we hope that this book serves to help find some ways to understand the necessity of new concepts and to answer questions raised around methods and what needs to be further examined in this field, while inspiring many interested researchers and audiences. And more books in Korean (translations and edited books) will be released very soon. We look forwards to hearing discussions, comments or reviews on the new book series and also the topic related to Mobility and the Humanities from all of you.