Re-Thinking the City

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  • AuthorVincent Kaufmann
  • PublisherLP Publication (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Released2021.1.29

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This book is a Korean translation of the book titled Re-Thinking the City by Vincent Kaufmann (EPFL Press English Imprint, 2011).

How Does Mobility Changes Urban Governance?
《Re-Thinking the City》 explores and analyzes cities based on movement and mobility affecting cities. The author emphasizes that the idea of a city or region as the production of an arrangement of a specific set of motilities. The goal of this book is to assess the urban implication of the mobility turn, and to explore the modern urban phenomenon from the point of view of the mobility capacities of its players, i.e., their motility. More specifically, this book first examines how the motilities among individuals, collective actors, products, and information operate as organizational principles of modern urban change, and then explores the means for controlling motilities of individuals and groups to illuminate the implication of these motilities on urban governance. The strength of this book is that, based on the dialectical relationship between theoretical approach and empirical research, it is solidly grounded in the sociological perspectives that integrate theory and empirical data.