Pandemic Mobility Technology

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  • AuthorTaehee Kim(edited)
  • PublisherLP Publication (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Released2022.2.28

The Impact of the Pandemic on ‘Space’,

Pandemic and New Mobility Governmentality

A book that examines the aftermath of the pandemic with the keyword ‘space’ develops discussions on new mobility governmentality related to technology and explores the transition of the times. In particular, this book focuses on how the reproduction of literature and movies moves in the discussion of posthumans due to the Anthropocene problem and technology development. ‘Mobility’ refers to a new means of transportation or automobile mobility, but humanities and social sciences cover almost all movement-related phenomena. Not only the movement of people and objects but also the movement of information, images, and capital, resulting in changes in space, cities, population, labour, and power – the technology and infrastructure that support them are all mobility.