Mobility Life World Studies

Publication Info.

  • AuthorMinkyoung Koh (edited)
  • PublisherLP Publication (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Released2021.01.29
Mobility Humanities Expansion and Critical Reflection
《Mobility Life World Studies》is a mobility social science book which reflects on various mobility-related issues in our lives beyond humanities such as philosophy, literature, aesthetics, and history. This book aims to offer humanistic reflections on the social theory of mobility and to enrich the concept and domain of mobility humanities.

This book, in particular, analyzes the mobility that we experience in daily life in terms of three aspects: technology, urban space, and community. From the perspective of mobility, this book scrutinizes ways of understanding existing social theories on these subjects, critically reviewing previous approaches. Part 1 focuses on the theme, what problems should be addressed for more comfortable and safer use of shared personal mobility (kickboard), air transportation, and urban aviation mobility, which have emerged rapidly as part of smart city discourse? Part 2 gives an in-depth examination of urban spaces – how they influence one another and are constantly reconstructed from the perspective of (im)mobility. Part 3 looks into issues of migrants, a long-standing topic of mobility debates, in terms of community formation and social relations. How does mobility affect social relations in the present society and reorganize human relations? It is time to expand mobility issues to “real” society beyond discussions on humanities.