Mobility Justice

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  • AuthorMimi Sheller
  • PublisherLP Publication (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Released2019.12.10

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This book is a Korean translation of the book, Mobility Justice by Mimi Sheller (Verso, 2018)​.

모빌리티 정의, a Korean translation of the book, Mobility Justices by Mimi Sheller (Verso, 2018)​, is published as a part of the INTERCONNECT BOOK SERIES, one of the book series by the Academy of Mobility Humanities, which selects and translates some of the seminal books originally written in non-Korean languages in order to introduce to interested audiences and researcher communities in Korea the significant trends and developments in mobility studies along with the mobility humanities abroad.
Who moves freely? Who gets stopped? In Mobility Justice, Mimi Sheller traces how the regimes of power that govern movement produce inequality at all levels. On a local level in the circulation of people, resources, and information. On an urban scale, with questions of public transport and “the right to the city.” On the planetary level, where tourists and elites are able to roam freely, while migrants and those most in need are imprisoned at the borders, sent back to the ground zeros of violence and climate disaster they tried to flee. The fight for mobility justice connects body, street, city, nation, and planet; and can, potentially, forge new connections among social movements. This book offers an overview of the theory of mobility justice and of some of the movements that are currently working to the combined goals of sustainable transitions and mobility justice.

From the editorial reviews on the original book

“In this wide-ranging book, Mimi Sheller provides a lucid map linking struggles on diverse spatial scales. Sheller shows how the fight for mobility justice can forge connections across scales and between social movements. Essential reading for anyone looking to build solidarities in our all too fragmented and crisis-ridden world.”
– Ashley Dawson, author of Extreme Cities
“How people and materials move around our globalised planet is central to our intensifying environmental crises, pollution crises and increasingly murderous refugee crises. And yet mobilities are still often partitioned off as the technical and depoliticised stuff of engineers. This brilliant book should change this once and for all. A brilliant and searing exposé of the politics of movement and mobility, Mobility Justice forces questions of social and racial justice to the heart of debates about migration, transportation, smart cities, militarising borders, and planetary ecology. A unique and pivotal book.”
-Stephen Graham, author of Vertical
“The essential field guide to the politics of mobility from the policing of racialized bodies to the impact of movement on climate change. Sheller articulates the urgency of both understanding, and acting on, the ways we move in order to imagine and articulate a better world.”
– Tim Cresswell, author of On the Move: Mobility in the Modern Western World