Mobility Humanities Conference: “Tourism Space and Post-Tourism”

“Tourism Space and Post-Tourism”

November 10, 2022 (Thu) 14:00 ~ 18:00

The academy of Mobility Humanities held an academic conference, namely “Tourism Space and Post-Tourism” in collaboration with the Center for Asia & Diaspora. The participants presented their talks and discussions. This joint conference consisted of two sections, section 1, “Reinterpretation of Modern Tourism Space” and section 2, “Actual Implications of Post-Tourism.”

In the first section, Dr. Kim (Kongju National University) tracked the formation of mountain tourism and Jiri Mountain space from the 1920s to the 1960s from the perspective of “Jiri Mountain Tourist Space in the Process of Forming Modern Mountain Culture and Tourism.” Dr. Lee (Jeongwha Arts College) and Dr. Kwak (Chodang University) talked about reinterpreting the painful historical place of Jeju Island from the perspective of peace tourism in “Jeju, Space for Peace.”

In the second section, Dr. Jang (Seoul National University) presented the trend of tourism that changed through the media during the pandemic in “Growth of Media-Induced Travel Influenced Post-Tourism).” Dr. Kim (Konkuk University), Dr. Choi (Kyung Hee University), and Dr. Jang (Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements) focused on the post-tourism of marriage migrant women with a dual identity as hosts and guests, “The Implication of Vietnamese Marriage Migrant Women’s VFR Experience in Post-Tourism.”

In this conference, which was conducted online using Zoom, researchers discussed the formation of tourism and post-tourism as a post-touristic and everyday phenomenon beyond those of the tourism industry. As the boundaries were broken down and movement was restricted, it became a place to explore diversified and reconstructed tourism spaces and tourism.