Mobility Humanities Series Selected as “2022 Sejong Book Academic Field”

The two books, Pandemic Mobility Technology and In the Meantime, published by the Academy of Mobility Humanities, Konkuk University (Director: Inseop Shin) were selected in the social science area of the 2022 Sejong Book Academic Field by the Korea Publication Industry Promotion Agency.

The awarded book Pandemic Mobility Technology is a book in the series of  Assemblage in which 11 researchers, including Taehee Kim (HK Professor, The Academy of Mobility Humanities), participated. This book examines the aftermath of the pandemic from the perspective in ‘space’ and develops discussions on new mobility governmentality related to technology. In particular, this book focuses on how the representation of literatures and movies is changed in discussing posthuman discourse due to the Anthropocene issues and technology developments.

In the Meantime is a translation of Professor Sara Sharma’s work (2014) at the University of Toronto in Canada. This book is the achievement of research that re-recognizes timeliness and deals with the cultural politics of speed and time. The author outlines that timeliness is not a general sense of any historical period, but an exceptional time experience structured in a unique political and economic context. Furthermore, critical time studies argue that we need to find and check new chronometers of social control rather than focusing on time changes.

‘Sejong Book Academic Field’ selects excellent books every year to promote publication and create a knowledge-based society by expanding the distribution of academic texts. This year, it  picked 400 out of 2,427 types of scholarly books from July 1, 2021, to April 30, 2022, from 10 fields, including philosophy, ethics, psychology, religion, and social science.