Entrance Ceremony of the 2023 Hope Humanities of Seoul City

The entrance ceremony, Hope Humanities, will be held at 3:30 pm on April 11 (Tues) at the Ugok International Conference Hall at Konkuk University. This program is aimed at individuals who are homeless or on a low income supporting them to escape mental poverty, restore self-esteem, and promote their willingness to lead independent lifestyles.

The entrance ceremony consists of the first and second parts, with 150 students attending and greetings from Seoul Mayor Sehoon Oh, Konkuk’s current president Youngjae Jeon, and Seoul’s current president Yonggul Won.

In 2023, Konkuk University and the University of Seoul will participate in the Hope Humanities of Seoul city and hold special lectures, classes, graduation trips, and completion ceremonies, starting with the entrance ceremony.

The Mobility Humanities Education Centre in the Academy of Mobility Humanities (Director Jooyoung Kim) will launch the “WITH Humanities Project” to provide basic courses such as philosophy, literature and writing, and psychological counseling to restore self-esteem and support for people who are homeless or on a low income.