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Mobility Humanities Policy Seminar – 3

How Far Have Korea’s Animal Rights Come?, Zoo-Past, Present, and Future.

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerMin-Ji, Han (Green Technology Centre), Hyung-Joo,Lee (Animal Welfare Awareness, Research, and Education)
  • Date2022.09.07
  • LocationKonkuk University New Millennium Hall

Han Min-Ji, a researcher at the Green Technology Centre, introduced the current situation of Korea’s animal rights. And she explained the changes in legislation and policy on animal rights in Europe which comprises an advanced country in animal welfare. When the revision of the civil law, which the Ministry of Justice announced in July 2021, is legislated, it is expected that there will be a significant change in the legal system of the dichotomy between human and things. Following discussions on the revision of the civil law on the legal status of domestic animals, she said; “We hope that it will be an opportunity for the legislation to be reset for human responsibility and: respect for animals.”

Lee Hyung-Joo, director of Aware, explained; “The appearance and functions of the zoo have changed as the relationship between humans and animals has evolved.” In the 20th century, as questions were raised about the ethical legitimacy of the zoo for exhibition purpose, the zoo claimed to preserve endangered animals. He said; “The zoo of the future should be transformed into a public interest institution that strives for animal conservation and biodiversity conservation education centred on ecosystem, not growth.”