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Mobility Humanities Colloquium #25

Artificial Intelligence and the Societies of Control

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerWook Inn, Paik (Seoul National University of Science & Technology)
  • Date2022.04.05
  • LocationKonkuk University New Millennium Hall

Professor Paik Wook-Inn, a lecturer, is a professor in the liberal arts  department at Seoul National University of Science & Technology and has received a doctorate in Sociology from Seoul National University. He writes on the social history of media, the theories of the information society, and the structural change of consumption. He has published three books: Adaptation Society, The Branches of Modern Technology Media Philosophy, and Internet Red Book and translated Being Digital . He has additionally published journals such as “When Virus and Artificial Intelligence Meet ,” “Humane and Machine in Artificial Intelligence Era,” and “A Critical Study on the Information and Information Society.”

At the colloquium, Professor Paik Wook-In examined artificial intelligence’s origin and development path and explained how it works as a control mechanism in society. He said: “The origin of artificial intelligence is in touch with cybernetics, the matrix of the war technology, such as control and command.” He pointed out that this technology developed in a specific field is being used in daily life, such as automation, the Internet, and platforms. He emphasised: “Today, behind the mechanical subjugation, the change in the relationship between humans and machines, lies the change in the relationship between humans and humans.”