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2022/11/23 – Mobility Humanities Colloquium #29

A Case Study on the Mobility Paradigm Undergraduate Class

Lecture Information

  • Speaker Suh-Hee, Choi (Kyung Hee University)

In this lecture, Prof. Choi  introduced the case of a class that dealt with the mobility paradigm and sought an efficient university education model related to mobility. She presented a participatory class model in which students can think about the mobile field and daily mobility by themselves, paying attention to when, where, what (who), how, or why they can’t move. In particular, she explained that in the case of tourism, education applying the mobility paradigm could pay attention to the multi-layered and complex form of tourism in which various host types emerge, away from the host-guest dichotomy. 

Prof. Choi  is a geographer who majored in cultural geography. She received a Ph. D. form Purdue University in the U.S., and is currently a Professor of Geography at the Collage of Science in Kyung Hee Univesrity . Her papers inculde “Food Tourists and Food Image in a Creative City of Gastronomy in Macao, China.” ““Emotional Congruence among Solo Dinners,” and ““Diplomatic First Aid or First Harm.”