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26th Mobility Humanities Colloquium

Mobility of Sea Transport: Diverse and Heterogeneous Speed

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerLee Yong-Joon (Kaywon University of Art & Design)
  • Date2022/06/03(Friday) 15:00
  • LocationKonkuk University New Millennium Hall #1106​

Professor Lee Young-Joon is currently a Professor of Intermedia Art at the Kaywon University of Arts & Design and received his Ph. D. in art history from New York State University (Binghampton). He predominantly focuses on research, with a specialism in machine criticism, the history of sea transport technology, and the mechanical narrative of jet engines. His books include Machine Criticism, Machine Walker, and Image Criticism. His papers include “Reconciling the Animal and the City in Photography: Kim Kichan’s Works in 1970s Korea” and “Between Artist and Criticism.” Professor Lee Young-Joon announced the observation and record results of various port facilities, buoys, lighthouses, and shipyards, including ships. He emphasised “over-determined ports where many layers of economy, labor, capital, politics, history, and culture are stacked” and explained the the characteristics of ports that are overlapped by various factors and causes. He also metioned that there are diverse speed in oceans and ports worldwide, which “all together will look like a choreography of a total disaster.” Through an on-site survey of domestic ports, he identified patterns and changes in sea mobility and sought an order of global transportation at a disordered speed.