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Smart Media and Political Life in the Era of Mobility

Lecture Information

  • Date2022-10-12
  • LocationDongguk Girl’s High School


Sungeun Jeong

Visiting professor of the Department of National Intelligence at Konkuk Graduate University, Donation Review Committee of Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Political Reform Committee of Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice, Public Official Ethics Commission of Gwangin-gu, Seoul

About the Lecture

  1. Ice breaking politics! What comes to your mind?
  2. What is politics in the contemporary?
  3. Discussions about politics and how they can impact lives.
  4. Why does democracy matter? An overview of world history about everyone’s right to vote.
  5. Watch a video about suffrage movement in France, England, and Switzerland, followed by a discussion.
  6. The importance of digital media literacy.