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Mobility media and wise way of reading the world

Lecture Information

  • Date2021-12-20
  • LocationDongguk Girls' High School


Jung, Sung Eun

Ph.D. in Political Science, Konkuk University. Former Research Fellow in Korea Legislative Studies Institute / Former Secretary of State for National Assembly Policy / Former member of Gwangjin-gu Office Public Official Ethics Committee and Donation Review Committee / Currently Member of Economic Reform Committee in Citizen's Coalition for Economic Justice / Visiting Professor at Konkuk University
  • History of media: Speech, writing, mass media and the advent of mobility media
  • How much influence does the media have on us?
  • Story about the influence and effect of media in the era of mobility
  • Review on the impact of media on politics and society with actual examples of the US presidential election in 1988 and Korean presidential election in 2002.
  • Review on various framing strategies
  • Comparison of wordings used in opinion polls
  • Comparison of photos and headlines on the front page of a newspaper
  • Comparison of headlines of internet media articles
  • Comparison of articles with the same issues but different interpretations