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‘Kim Boram, Respecting the Same but Pursuing the Differences’

Lecture Information

  • Date2021-12-20
  • LocationDongguk Girls' High School


Kim, Yoon Ji

Ph.D. in Dance, Hanyang University. Former Lecturer and Adjunct Professor at Hanyang University / Former Research Fellow in National Folk Museum of Korea / Currently Co-researcher in National Research Institute of Culture at Korea University and Academy of Korean Studies foundation research / Expert Member of Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee

1. The more you know, the more you understand.
– Nothing (舞)→ Life (生)→Movement (動)→Flow (流)→Power(力) and Mobility
2. Similar things are fake.
– Dance education in Korea
– Kim Bo-ram style dance and art
3. Pursuing differences
– ‘Feel the rhythm of Korea1’ video
– Keywords for enjoying the video
– Futuristic ways of movement
4. Moving toward the right dream in the right direction as a main character for future evolution