everyday life

Copyright in Everyday Life

About the Lecture

  1. What is the purpose of copyright law?
  2. Who is protected by copyright law?
  3. What are the requirements for works to be protected by copyright law?
  4. Why is there an idea / expression dichotomy in copyright law?

Getting Involved in Politics in the Era of Mobility

1. The Necessity of Politics
– What is politics and why do we need it?
– What is politics in the modern sense?
2. Politics in Everyday Life in the Mobility Era
– Politics in my life, and politics that changes my life
– How we came to know what we know now
– My life and media
3. Understanding Digital Media Literacy
– Understanding and Importance of Digital Media Literacy
– Changes in the Media Environment in the Mobility Era
– Engaging in Politics in the Mobility Era
– Media in the palm of my hand and open possibilities