The HK+ Project Team Held “Walking Mobility Humanities” Events Online

The HK+ Mobility Humanities Education Center, affiliated with Konkuk University Humanities Korea Plus (HK+) Project Team (Director In-Seop Shin), is streaming and disseminating videos on Humanities Fair ‘Walking Mobility Humanities’ through the Academy of Mobility Humanities’ YouTune channel at




Since 2018, tThe Mobility Humanities Fair events since 2018 have been well received by the general public. However, for this year, the events were held in a non-face-to-facesocially distanced manner way due to the influence of Corona COVID-19. The videos of “Walking Mobility Humanities” were filmed over five times and shared to with the public online 


In the first episode, Professor Seung-Yoon Lee of Incheon University gave a introduced and narrationed about Park Gyeong-ri’s old house and Park Gyeong-ri’s House of Literature for the first episode In the second episode, he introduced ; and about Park Gyeong-ri’s literary monument and the Toji Cultural Center. for the second episode . Episode 3 saw commentary on Daelim Dong by Emeritus Professor Lim Young-Sang of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.  was a commentary for episode 3 , In the episode, there was taking a tour of Daelim Subway Station, Hana Bank, Daelim Central Market, Hanwoori Cultural Center, and Seoul International Academy. In the episode 4 , the cultural commentator, Mr. Chan-Woong Lim guided viewers around key places in at the university like Sangheo Memorial Museum, Ilgam-ho, Dr. Seokchang Yoo’s Mausoleum, and Gyeongwondang in Dojeonggung Palace. In addition, Mr. Lim also led the episode 5 to guide Hanseong Baekje Museum, Mongchontoseong Fortress, and the grave of Chungheon Kong Kim Gu. 

This seriesese serials of ‘Walking Mobility Humanities’ events provided great opportunities for participants to reflect on issues on history, culture and their lives by taking virtual tours aroundtour of various mobility-related places. In addition, the events enabled us to contemplate the present and future of our society and recognize the humanistic values of the region.

Dr. Jooyoung Kim, Director of the HK+ Mobility Humanities Education Center, pinpointed that the whilst the COVID-ovid 19 pandemic has restricted physical movement and face-to-face interactions, however it has made people’s online exchanges more active based on communication technology.” She stated, “Following this trend, the Center is disseminating videos of mobility humanities public lectures and mobility humanities educational contents through the Academy of Mobility Humanities’ YouTube channel. Anyone of general public or students that are interested in mobility humanities can have access to and freely watch videos at the Center’s YouTube channel.