2023 Mobility Humanities Fair ‘Humanities of Walking’

The ‘Mobility Humanities of Walking’ event was organised four times to allow modern people living in fast-paced urban mobility to share and contemplate experiences of the places via slow mobility; “walking.”

The event, led by Chanwoog Lim, a traditional cultural instructor at the National Folk Museum of Korea, attracted about 30 residents. It took place at significant locations evoking modern mobility, such as Dongdaemun Stadium, Anguk, Seoul Station, and Hoehyeon-dong, summoning memories of street cars, trains, post offices, railway hotels, and Mitsukoshi department stores in times past. The route began at Heunginjimun Gate, where the streetcar grand opening ceremony was held. It continued through historical spots such as the Central Post Office, representing the Enlightenment movement in 1884, the place of Boseongsa Temple Site, where the Declaration of Independence (March 1, 1919) was printed, and Tapgol Park, symbolising modernisation.