2021 Mobility Humanities Fair <Mobility Humanities of Walking>

2021 Mobility Humanities Fair  


'Mobility Humanities of Walking', in the first year of the second stage of the research project, has been produced in a total of four YouTube videos centred on Sokcho, Gangneung, and Samcheok.


In Episode 8, 'Sokcho Port and Abai Village', and in Episode 9, 'Lighthouse on the East Coast', the research team visited Jumunjin Lighthouse – Sokcho Lighthouse. Chanwoong Lim, cultural commentator, guided Sokcho’s transformation process along the itinerary of “Cheongchoho Lake Seorakdaegyo Bridge – Gaetbae Dock – Abai Village – Sokcho Outer Port”. He explained topographical causes of the late installation of lighthouses on the east coast compared to the west coast of Korea.


Episode 10, 'Samcheok Part 1' filmed a tour of “Chokju Donghaebi – Naritgol Gamseong Village – Samcheok Port Breakwater”, and Episode 11, 'Samcheok Part 2' “New Millennium Coastal Road (Tower of Hope, Sculpture Beach Park) – Samcheok Beach – Isabu Lion Park”. In 'Samcheok Part 1, 2', Jeongsook Lee, a cultural commentator, introduced local cultural places with tradition by focusing on the origins of traces from the past along with the history and culture of Samcheok.