2021 Mobility Humanities International Conference (Online)

Moving forward: a concept-based conversation on mobility and the humanities

Conference Detail

  • Date13-14 May 2021
  • LocationAcademy of Mobility Humanities at Konkuk University (Online)


This international conference was co-organized by the Centre for Advanced Studies in Mobility & Humanities, University of Padua, Centre for the GeoHumanities, Royal Holloway University of London, and Academy of Mobility Humanities, Konkuk University. This conference was held via Zoom in which more than fifty scholars from Korea, UK, Italy, and various other different countries participated.

Starting with greetings from the three Institutions, Inseop Shin, Director of the Academy of Mobility Humanities at Konkuk University, Gianluigi Baldo, Director of the DiSSGeA Department at University of Padua, and Veronica della Dora, Co-director of the Royal Holloway University of London Centre for the GeoHumanities, this conference featured over two days of presentation sessions, open event, network meetings, and a virtual tour of the Museum of Geology at the University of Padua.

On the first day of the conference, presentations were addressed in four sessions under the themes of “Mobilities of Ideas,” “Mobilities of Bodies,” “Mobilities of Objects,” and “Mobilities of Texts.” A total of four scholars from AMH participated and discussed in four sessions: Professor Taehee Kim’s presentation on “The Korean DMZ as a Heterotopia between Mobility and Immobility”; Professor Jinhyoung Lee’s “Colonial Mobility and Devaluation of Colony”; Research Professor Myungsim Yang’s “The Mobility of a Zainich (Korean Residents in Japan) Diaspora”; Research Professor Yeonhee Woo’s “Suburban Lifestyle in Developing Japan, Centring on Cultural and Literary Texts.”  

In the network meeting scheduled to last approximately two hours on the second day of the conference, Professor Inseop Shin, Director of the Academy of Mobility of Humanities, delineated the agenda and research achievements of AMH, and Professor Jooyoung Kim, Director of Mobility Humanities Education Center, shared with other participants the vision and activities of MHE, upon which they continued to discuss the issue of civic education.