2018 Mobility Humanities Conference

Humanistic Thoughts in the Era of High-Mobility

Conference Detail

  • Date29 September, 2018.
  • Location#1106, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University

On 29th September, 2018, the Academy of Mobility Humanities held its inaugural Mobility Humanities Conference (MHC 2018) on the theme of “Humanistic Thoughts in the Era of High-Mobility” at the New Millenium Hall, Konkuk University.

The conference consisted of two sessions, “Humanistic Ideas on Mobilities and Space” and “Evolving Mobility Technologies and Studies on Text-Media.” Twelve prominent scholars in Korea from various disciplines including philosophy, literature, sociology, geography, and communications studies presented their ideas and perspectives on mobilities in terms of people, things, technologies and texts, acknowledging the emerging field of Mobility Humanities.

Director of the AMH, Professor Inseop Shin also emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary researches in mobility humanities and this interdisciplinary researches will be the main feature of ‘mobility turn with the humanities.’​