2022 Mobility Humanities Conference

Mobility Rights and Community Ethics

Conference Detail

  • DateApril 15, 2022.
  • LocationArko Art Center (On/Off-line, Hybrid)

At this conference, the HK+ Mobility Humanities Institute and Arko Art Centre  promoted  an exhibition with artists and academic experts in literature, art, and law, discussing research results based on experience and demonstration. We studied the examples and ways  of subverting the existing mobility structure, focusing on the fact that the movement of humans and things has a complex layer, whilst additionally considering  mobility rights and community ethics.  

Starting with the opening speech of Shin In-Seop, director of Mobility Humanities , and Lim Geun-Hye, director general of Arko Art Center, the first part was subsequently followed by Kim Jae-Min-e (Artist) “Yonsan, Pig Dung and Apartment ,” Ann Jin-Guk (Art Critic) “Tourist and Wanderer: Inequality of Mobility Capital and Hierarchy of Movement,” and Park Yi-Sun (Independent Scholar) “Before Entering Virtual Reality: Physical Foundation and Accessibility of Game.” The second part was followed by Lim Bo-Mi (Konkuk University) “Legal and Reality on Transport Mobility for the Disabled,” and Choi Young-Seok (Yonsei University) “Mobility and Urban Poverty.” 

Meanwhile, the theme exhibition “To You: Move Toward Where You Are” held at the Arko Art Center confirmed that our movement can be controlled and asks if the movement structure is equal to everyone. The exhibition, comprising of eight artists (team), offers an opportunity to consider how the direction of movement of everything, including humans, changes the form and way of solidarity of social structures and the meaning of the movement that has changed since the pandemic. The “To You: Move Toward Where You  Are” exhibition ran from February 24 to April 24.