The HK+ Mobility Humanities Institute (MHI) is a research group conducting a seven-year-long research project entitled: “Mobility Humanities based on the co-evolution of human being and technologies: worlding the human-mobility societies in the future” supported by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea and the National Research Foundation of Korea.

The HK+ Mobility Humanities Institute (MHI) has critically reviewed the mobility paradigms that have emerged from the Western social science over the past 20 years. It enables us to create a new field of research called mobility humanities, which focuses on the mobility research beyond the West, including Asia, the co-evolution of human beings and technology, and mobility research from a humanistic perspective.

In order to realize the vision of a new mobility humanities field, outstanding researchers who have conducted excellent research achievements in various fields such as literature, philosophy, history, anthropology, sociology, geography, and life science are affiliated or cooperate with us. The HK+ Mobility Humanities Institute (MHI) disseminates the results of our interdisciplinary research to society in various forms such as publishing a series of books, holding academic events, database services, fostering future generations to come.

We also work with international mobility research institutes to fulfill our goal of becoming a globally leading research institute. Establishing the Asia Mobility Humanities Network (AMHN) was the first step towards this aim. We will build international networks at multiple levels as a hub of mobility humanities research.

In the high-mobility society, movement is a symbol of oppression and discrimination as well as freedom and progress. Indeed, the development of mobility results in weakening of various exiting boundaries bringing about identity confusion, the increase of fluidity, hybridity, and uncertainty, gaps in the rights and possibilities of movement, and forced movements. This calls for interdisciplinary research and reflection on humanities. The HK+ Mobility Humanities Institute (MHI) will do our best to fulfill these tasks.

Inseop Shin
Director of The HK+ Mobility Humanities Institute