Mobility and the Production of Life World

Publication Info.

  • AuthorSoochul Kim (edited)
  • PublisherLP Publication (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Released2019. 02. 28.
This book is a part of the ASSEMBLAGE BOOK SERIES, one of the book series by the Academy of Mobility Humanities. This book, 모빌리티와 생활세계의 생산 (translated as ‘Mobility and the Production of Life World’) is a collection of researches that address important socio-cultural issues related to mobilities studies and examine questions to be raised around notion of mobility, space, city, labor, automatic society, migration, multiculturalism, tourism in the contemporary Korean context. While contributors in this collection are from diverse social sciences disciplines: geography, sociology, media and cultural studies, they critically reflect upon some theoretical issues such as space, media technologies and migration with some case studies. The publication of this collection will bring more profound discussions on mobility-related issues within critical social sciences studies in Korea while stimulating conversations between mobilities studies and social sciences such as geography, sociology, leisure studies, anthropology, and media/cultural studies.
We look forwards to hearing discussions, comments or reviews on the new book and also the topics related to the relationship between mobilities studies approach and critical social sciences from all of you.