Mobility and Text Studies

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  • AuthorJinhyung Lee (edited)
  • PublisherLP Publication (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Released2021.01.29
The Representation, Embodiment, and Politics of Mobility

What is Mobility Text Studies?

José Rizal, BARCELONA*accessible, snack culture, indie musician, science-fiction monster films and science fiction literature… How are these individuals and notions interrelated in a single book? 《Mobility and Text Studies》 proves that “mobility” is a concept that will enrich the text research and explore the possibility of “Mobility Textology” as an alternative research method. Focusing on the constitutive role of movement in social institutions and practices, mobility studies pays attention to the composition of power surrounding a system managing various scales of mobility, immobility, timing and speed, connections and limitations. On the other hand, mobility textology is concerned with the role that mobility plays in the production of cultural texts, including literature and art, and the composition of power surrounding the process.
The important questions that this book asks are as follows: How are the physical, hypothetical, and imaginary movements of mobile actors that are both humans and objects represented and embodied in cultural texts? How do texts get transferred based on the development of mobility technology? What are the cultural ramifications of the movement of texts? How are different representations and embodiment of movements in texts related to the regional and global powers surrounding mobility? This book, dealing with representation, embodiment, and politics of texts, interrogates the following issues: the movement of texts based on the development of mobility technology; the subsequent possibility of forming cultural commonality; the political, economic, and cultural power dynamics operating within the transnational and transcultural movements of texts; the representation and multifaceted embodiment of mobility in literary texts in the era of high mobility.