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Mobility Humanities Policy Seminar – 1

2021/11/24 – Suggestions for the Development of Mobility Policies with a Consideration of Human Factors

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerBomi Lim(Konkuk University)

Date: 2021/11/24 (Wednesday) 15:00

Place: Konkuk University New Millennium Hall #1106

Bomi Lim, a HK research professor, pointed out that the government’s policies focused on technologies, so the issues of human alienation and inequality were not profoundly covered. Therefore, she insisted that “how to make technology and human beings co-evolve based on introspection done from the perspectives of humanity and social science should be reflected in mobility policies.” Also, she highlighted that the concept of mobility as the foundation for fundamental rights and as a complex right should be reflected in policies, in addition to making mobility itself the purpose of policies.

Bomi Lim, an HK research professor, obtained a joint master’s degree in European Law at German Hannover University and the University of Le Havre in France. She also earned a doctoral degree in law at the Department of Law of Seoul National University. Her interests and studies primarily revolve around fundamental rights, the regulations of mobility, and the Criminal Procedure Act. Her major papers are “Defect and remedy in the detention in court”, “The Concept and Role of Victims’ supporter in Sexual Violence” and “Review on Eligible Cases and Requisites for Commencement of Civil Participation in Criminal Trial”. ​