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Mobility Humanities Colloquium – 5

2018/12/19 – Rethinking the public perception on multiculturalism and multicultural family

Lecture Information

  • SpeakerYi, Heeyong (Korean Center, Yonhap News)

Time : 2018/12/19 Wed. 17:00
Place : #1106, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University

The dictionary definition of 'multiculturalism' somehow refers to a state of being in which a variety of ethnicity and national cultures are mixed and coexist within a society. According to the Multicultural Family Support Law enacted in 2008, 'multicultural family' is defined as family constituted of Korean national, foreign migrant who is married to Korean national, and their children. Despite these official definitions, migrant people in our everyday life, while often being described as marriage migrant women, migrant workers, foreign students, refugees, etc., is not so different from relatives, neighbors, sisters, brothers, who had to leave Korea for some reasons not too long ago. Heeyong Yi will talk about the popular perceptions on multiculturalism and multicultural family in South Korea and how we can reform them from the viewpoint of the press.​​