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Urban Landscape of Edward Hopper Who Painted the Life in the Era of Mobility

Lecture Information

  • Date2022-01-18
  • LocationSeongdong Foundation for Arts & Culture


Song, Hye Eun

PhD in Human Image, Konkuk University/ Present) Instructor at Konkuk University and Hanmin University / Former) Head of Curation, Art Space, Complex Cultural Space / Assistant curator, Seoul Museum of Art
  • Analyse the artwork of Edward Hopper (1882-1967), an American realism artist in the 20th century with keywords.
  • Examine the urban landscape paintings that show side effects of urbanisation and industrialisation caused by immigration and migration and explain the characteristics of urban landscape paintings drawn by Edward Hopper.
  • Examine the paintings of Edward Hopper, who depicted the lonely feelings inside the modern people at that time in line with the image of ‘Lonely Crowd’ by David Riesman.