Mobility of Crops, World History, and Festivals

1. Tomato: the bright red fruit that changed the diet of humankind
– An unfortunate plant shunned by Europeans for 200 years
– Hidden reasons why tomatoes have become a staple ingredient in Italian food (Neapolitan pizza, etc.)
– How tomato ketchup was invented, which changed the diet of people around the world
– Tomatoes, the largest produced non-food crops in the world
– Multimedia Video: Origin and Development of the Tomato Festival in Spain

2. Chocolate: Indulgence and Violence Surrounding Sweet Chocolate
– The history of chocolate that is older than the ancient civilisation of Azteca
– The Spanish sweetened the ‘bitter water’ chocolate
– There is nothing sweet about the farms and companies that produce sweet chocolate .
– Pathway to fair production and distribution
– Multimedia Video: International Chocolate Festival in Portugal

3. Banana: The fate of a fruit that changed the world
– The forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate was a banana, not an apple!
– The history of bananas that originated from Asia
– Bananas heading to the Pacific
– The humble bananas rebuild the empire
– Sorrow in ‘Banana Republic’
– Multimedia Video: Banana Festival in Colombia